Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A word about this week

My job has taken me off to an undisclosed location so obscure that even Dick Cheney has never been there. I will not return to a normal schedule until Friday so look for a post then.

Because baseball season is just around the corner, here are some subjects I'm toying with:

1. Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame....when they make a Hall of Fame for complete dumbasses.

2. Fenway Park is a joke and should be torn down.

3. Which Presidential Candidate is the equivalent of the Seattle Mariners.

We'll be blogging atcha later.

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robert the grump said...

I was in Las Vegas last year at the mall at Cesar's Palace when I saw Pete Rose signing autographs at some sports store. I thought it would be a hoot to have a ball signed by Rose, until I discovered that my folly would cost me $400. I could get a signed photo for a bargain price of $200. I passed. I will vote for him when he's up for Hall of Dumbass Fame, though.

I recently bought a ball signed by the great Gil Meche for only $38. Think of that. Meche just signed a contract for $55 million. Rose can't touch that. I guess Gil Meche is far greater than Pete Rose.

Fenway Park should be torn down while the Red Sox and Yankees are playing. During the game. While ARod is at bat.

There is no current political candidate stupid enough to equate to the Mariners. Bush isn't running. The only other candidate from history dumb enough to be like the Mariners is Dan Quayle.