Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Presidential Candidate Anagrams

...and their secret meanings:

Barak Hussein Obama - MARIHUANA AS KEBOBS (High times for Obama)

Bill Richardson - BRR CHILL DO A SIN (A cold man lacking moral authority)

Hillary Clinton - ONLY I CAN THRILL (Enlisted Grump's help on this one)

Albert Gore - BAR TREE LOG - (Tree hugger is against logging)

Joe Biden - I NEED JOB - (Enough said)

Ralph Nader - HARDER PLAN (...for America to swallow.)

Mitt Romney - OMIT MY RENT (for low cost housing)

Rudy Guliani - URINAL ID GUY (Makes the National ID card seem small)

Congressman Ron Paul - CALMER GUN ON ASS PORN (Typical libertarian soft on porn)

Senator John McCain - JOINS A MERCHANT CON (involved in corporate fraud?)

Dennis Kucinich - NUDE CHIC IN SINK (He has a kinky side)

Speaker Newt Gingrich - A CHEEKING TWERP GRINS (This one is almost good)

Tommy Thompson - THY MOM MOP SNOT (He insulted your mother!)

and finally...

Chuck Nagel - LAUGH CHECK (True enough)


Ronald said...

Chuck Nagel's is the best!

Anonymous said...

I don't get this post at all. Why is this interesting?

ronald said...

Somehow anon, this is no surprise that you don't get it.

Tracy said...


Anagrams are made by taking the letters of a word and mixing them up to form other words. In my post I hoped to show how funny some of them can be. That's all. Nothing more.

robert the grump said...

Here's an anagram for Anonymous:

Oh My! On Anus!

I'm here to help. This post is extremely helpful. I will vote for Hillary Clinton, based on her anagram. I'd much rather have a President who can thrill rather than some clown who needs a job or who doesn't pay his rent.

Tracy said...

Face it grump, you'd rather have a president with a calmer gun on ass porn...that's a given.

I think you've unlocked one of anon's secrets. Ha!