Thursday, March 01, 2007

ABC News

Why do I bother watching TV at all? I came home and turned the stereo on and accidently set it to the sound of the television. This is where I heard the story about the General who was in charge of Walter Reed Hospital was relieved of his command. I turned on the television and saw that it was in pretty sad shape. I saw mold on the walls and whatever...stuff you'd half-expect from a military hospital if you're cycnical like me.

But what I saw next was even more shocking:

Problems at the facility have caused public outrage and prompted 2008 presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to offer a bill today that aims to resolve the site's problems.

"That can't be the proper response, silencing and punishing our injured soldiers for trying to get the mold off their walls," Obama said.

Isn't that great of Barak Obama to suddenly come out with a bill that is against mold in military hospitals...coincidently timed with a news story? Like this is news? ABC just made an in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign without knowing it.

What incredible leadership it shows to come out against mold. Maybe Senator Obama could sit down and debate the pro-mold candidate so America can truly decide.

What a tool. Get out and support Ron Paul and give up supporting these self-serving chumps like the good senator from Illinois.


Gino said...

i like ron paul, but he still hasnt made public his mold position.
is he, or his he not, anti-mold?
and why wont he make his position clear ?

Anonymous said...

I hear Ron Paul was pro choice on mold issues. In his home state of texas people say he's soft on mold.

Ronald said...

Why anyone watched ABC news is beyond me...oh wait...does anyone watch ABC news anymore? Tonight's report will probably showcase John Mccain's pro-mold views because he's obviously an extremist

Esther said...

I don't understand this anit-mold opinion. What if the mold grew into a sentient being? Wouldn't it be wrong to kill that?

I don't know, when my government starts caring about mold things have really gone to pot. Next thing you know we'll have regulations on how much water our toilet tanks are allowed to hold . . .

Tracy said...

I'm pretty sure that Republicans support the sanctity of mold though I understand from Ron Paul's campaign that he is not against all mold and prefers unwanted mold to be referred to as "undocumented mold."

We're a cynical bunch aren't we? :)