Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A year of blogging

Blogmess is about a year old now. I started it to get feedback on the things that I wrote and continue to use it to entertain and be thoughtful from time to time. Here is the year in review from my blog.

I shared dreams about Aliens spanking me. I gave a tribute to the Pope before he died and suggested that people could win arguments more easily if they stopped comparing people to Hitler and instead compared them to Liberace.

I made fun of Oregon as often as possible and commented on all the holidays that dot the calendar including St. Patrick's Day, President's Day and the now famous 'crap candy' post from Halloween. I made fun of red staters and exploited blue staters for their stupidity. I reached a lull in April but picked right back up again.

I complained about taxes, President Bush, the Election, and Hospital Volunteers. I took cold medicine and then tried to blog...not recommended. I shared a rare appreciation for my brother and called for the legalizations of drugs.

I had explosive diarrhea on Thanksgiving and wished Veteran's a happy day. I made a movie and made a plea for people to stop complaining about offensive sports mascots. I shared immortal wisdom like: If no one gets the joke, then you're basically just cross-dressing. Hey, don't forget Halloween Haikus. Fun! You all helped me go get a real tree and I enjoyed it...even though Christmas sorta sucked anyway.

All in all, a great year of blogging. Let's do it again.

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Esther said...

Yay! I'll drink to that. Your posts are always entertaining if they don't make me think. Congratulations on the year of blogging.