Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going Number Two

I've resisted this blog post for awhile as it is pretty childish and far less sophisticated than our venture into Halloween Haikus. What euphemisms do you have for this...uh...topic above? I'd love to see some original ones.

Here are mine:

Backing the old brown Buick out of the garage.
Making mud pies. (See post from Thanksgiving)

Your turn!


Anonymous said...

Oldy but goody.

Dropping the kids off at the pool.

Dave Johnson said...

I always liked your term "Mud Scud."

Other than that, I really always just say that I "have to crap."

blake said...

Brown and Serve Sausage

Dave Johnson said...

When I clog the toilet at home, I tell my wife that there's "Quite a log jam in the river today."

Anonymous said...

It's "Howdy, Doody!" time.