Monday, February 20, 2006

Black History Month

I'm not going to preach about this month and its importance or unimportance to our nation and culture.

I know most of you don't care about Black History Month but allow me to pass this advice along:

Never grow tired of listening to stories of people overcoming adversity and becoming great despite the barriers put all around them. Someday it might be you and others will need to draw inspiration from your story. Be ready to make your own history.

Oh, and have a good President's Day too.

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Esther said...

Schools in my town had two days off for MLK Jr. Day, but they all had to be in school for President's Day. Also, the city government had off for MLK Jr. Day and not for President's Day. I think that's really weird. We ought to honor all greatness, not just the greatness of one person.

Not that this has anything to do with your post. It just got me thinking that's all.