Monday, November 07, 2005

Under Lock and Key

I just spent a moment in the bathroom here at work.

The toilet paper and those tissue paper seat covers are locked inside their respective dispensers. When the janitor goes to replenish our supply he apparently must unlock each dispenser with a key to complete the job.

I'm guessing that a lock and key is necessary due to an inordinate amount of toilet paper theft. This isn't excellent quality toilet paper either...feels more like you're wiping with Editorial pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It doesn't feel good necessarily but it's far more painless than actually reading it.

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Esther said...

My dad used to have a co-worker who stole toilet paper from public restrooms instead of buying it from the store. People can be really weird and dumb since the toilet paper in public restrooms is, as you say, of low quality.