Thursday, November 03, 2005

An Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

Dear President Carter,

Please shut up and never talk again.

Tracy Green


Esther said...

Are you accepting signatures for that?

Esther said...

I have a question. I want to put a link to your blog/website on my blog (in the side section there) and I was not sure if you would rather I link to your blog here or to your other website that is linked to your profile? Or not at all, I don't have to post a link if you don't want me to do that. I just thought I would ask before I put one up. Thanks.

Tracy said...

Hi Esther!

My other site is going to shamelessly plug my new book and my blog will cover more political ramblings. My aim is to stay PG-13 with a focus on classical liberal political view. Call me a Goldwater Liberal if you must :)

Anyway, link to me wherever you must. I'm at your disposal.

little-cicero said...

I suppose this is reasonable, but to his credit, Carter got frighteningly close to making an intelligent argument when he said that the Dems need to change their pro-choice stance. Maybe he isn't as brain-dead as I had supposed! It is true though, that Carter is probably the first president to criticize latter administrations on their actions. A true pioneer of indecency!

Tracy said...

It wasn't as much as a change in their pro-choice stance but rather not to hang their hat on it. Main street America sees their activist pro-choice wing as lunatic fringe. Incidently the Republicans did this same type of strategy years ago with the Department of Education. To keep up those arguments it's not long before both parties either look like heartless baby killers, or heartless school closers.

little-cicero said...

Well put!