Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pope John Paul II - My humble tribute

Obligatory disclosure follows:

I'm not Catholic but would consider it if there was money in it for me.

...end of disclosure.

I should also add that as I'm writing this, the Pope is alive and well. My tribute to him is one of his work, not of his life.

The Pope has done a good job as far as I can see from an outsider's view.

He hasn't advocated any rules regarding whether women can be priests or if priests can marry.
From what I understand of Catholic Dogma, the priest is central to all things sacramental. If as a Catholic you believe that grace is imparted to you from your participation in these sacraments, then nothing could be more important.

Not messing with the priesthood, while under immense pressure, is something he should really be admired for. If the position of priest has the authority to call Christ down out of heaven and into a cookie during mass, then any change you make to who can be considered a priest should be taken very seriously.

Note: To other non-Catholics who have no idea what I just said, I'm jokingly referring to the Holy Eucharist where the priest consecrates the bread and the cup and through "transubstantiation" the bread becomes the body of Christ and the wine becomes the blood. Yes, I understand that by calling it a cookie I'm being a jerk.

Pope John Paul II has also had unprecedented relations with Protestant Christians as well. This is nice to see and is appreciated. As Protestant Christians are still outside of the full fellowship of the one and only true apostolic church, they are still going to hell, but it's nice to be respected in the mean time.

Anyway...when you're in the business of being in control of what people believe it's important to be serious about it and not just bend in the wind. For that reason alone I admire John Paul II.

God bless him.


Green Hardened Tree Sap said...

So, he's not dead. What's the occasion? Pre-emptive tribute, perhaps?

Dave Johnson said...

Paying tribute to Pope John Paul II is like shaving at the age of 12: It's only a matter of time, so you might as well start now.

I got nothing.

Robert the Grump said...

Every time the Pope goes to Mexico and tells the starving masses that they will go to hell if they use or teach birth control, I feel like slapping that pointy hat off of his holy head.

How about this; instead of kissing their dirty feet in a weird ritual once a year, give them some good advice. Like stop having children when you can't feed or care for them. The Pope should STFU and donate money to Planned Parenthood, like I do.

I suppose that this Pope is an improvement over past Popes, if you know your history. Previous Popes did such things as excommunicate Galileo for saying the Earth revolved around the sun, or aide Hitler because he was only persecuting Jews. so, comparatively, you may have a point.