Friday, July 06, 2012

My Brain and You.

It’s been an interesting experience to have people you know want to read your book because, well…they know you.  My first feeling is one of embarrassment really.  It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try because that’s why I blog.

I know quite a few authors.  I have been given books, have had offers to preview, and have bought books by people I know.  Some I have read thoroughly, some I’ve skimmed, and others I just looked at the signed title page.  I’m happy to own them all.

When someone you know wants to read your book they are not thinking “Oh, your ridiculous description of your book sounds very interesting, I want to buy it.” 

What they are saying is “I think it would be interesting to see what kind of crap spins around in that brain of yours.”

It could go pretty wrong too.

Let’s say your next door neighbor is the next Stephen King.  He’s currently writing a book that will be on the best seller’s lists and will be loved by everyone.  Hollywood will buy the rights to it and it will become the scary Summer blockbuster hit that will be the gold standard of scary thriller movies.

He’s not famous yet but he wants you to read it.  You discover that the plot is centered around the main character murdering his next door neighbor.  Your thoughts?

Your thoughts aren’t “Wow, this guy can really craft a thrilling story.  He is bound to break it big.”  Instead, you’re thinking, “Holy Crap! My neighbor is insane…is this the kind of crap that he makes up in his sick little head all day?  I'm moving!"

It’s a matter of perspective.

I make up stories.  It’s what I do.  If you read my book, don’t move away.


Maallik said...

What if I already moved away?

Tracy said...

well then what do you have to lose? Buy it.

Cecil Howard said...

I'm glad you cleared that up. I guess I won't be moving to Montana.