Friday, June 22, 2012

New community, old results

This week I was engaged by an active member of the Self-Publishing community.  I was invited to become active as a contributor to their unique fraternity.  I took him up on it and I took some time this week to meet some new people.

Now first, I must make clear that I'm not much of a reader.  Anyone who has visited my blog knows this.  I read every day but only consume about three fiction books in a calendar year...and with great difficulty.  I wish I could read more, but that's just not my life.

Also, I'm not a literary critic.  I know what I like and I know what I don't like. 

One thing I have found, at least so far, is that many in the Self-Publishing community take themselves really seriously.  Maybe it's not just this community but authors in  general...I don't know.  Either way, just let me warn you that if you seem the least bit sarcastic after meeting the eighth author with a dragon on their book may be treated as an outsider.

So how did my first impressions go?  I think so far they think I'm a jackass.

They had all but written me off (see what I did there?) until I mentioned something that brought me back into their graces:

There's a unicorn in my book.


Anonymous said...

Tracy if you didn't "yank their chain" and give them something to think about then you wouldn't be acting like yourself. Self importance does not get you near as much attention and goin against the tide and creating,
Be yourself1

Gino said...

i reject the notion that someone needs to read a certain amount of fiction at all.