Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When my wife and I were expecting the arrival of our children we spent a lot of time discussing names.  We went through our family tree, in one branch, about four centuries back.  We didn't find much that was helpful.  For my second son, he actually came home from the hospital without a name.  We couldn't agree completely on the perfect name so he had to wait.  It seemed like something we wanted to take seriously.

My six year old son thinks that names are important but not so important that he will take more than a split second to come up with a name.  He has a stuffed dog with two spots on it.   His name?  Spot Spot.  He is growing a pair of Venus Fly Traps which he also named:  Venus and Trap.

I hope this trend changes otherewise, in future years, this blog will proudly show photos of my grandkids, Slimey and Purple Face.

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