Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My writing project

I mentioned in a post last November that I have been excited to talk about things I’ve been working on but resisted so I could concentrate on actually finishing my project. 

Just after the hiatus of the Dave and Steve Show and before my mom took ill I had begun working on a side writing project.  It was mostly a creative writing exercise to help me unwind sometime between 10pm and Midnight when I was able to finally sit down and take a break from work, parenting, etc. 

When I was taking care of my mom and then later, the affairs of her estate, this project became a nice diversion from the stress that was all around me.  It wasn’t long before my little side project became a full-fledged book.

So what is it?  Fiction?  Non-fiction?  A coffee table book?

No, it’s uh…Autobiographical fiction.

Most autobiographies are fiction, I’m just telling you it’s all lies before you read it.

In truth, I was on a relatively popular podcast called, Dave and Steve Show which ended about a year and a half ago.  I’m still in touch with a hand full of listeners from that show.  This book chronicles the rise and fall of the show, but it does so from my imagination.  Chances are if you interacted with the show in any way, you are fictitiously included in the book. 

Even though this isn’t my most serious literary effort, don’t think for a minute that I’m not proud of it.  It is action-packed, touching, lascivious, redemptive and contains a foreword written by Bigfoot.  It’s 250 pages of some of the greatest fun-filled moments my brain could invent during the last stressful year or so of my life.

I’m excited to be sharing it with you soon.  Stay tuned.

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That's a pretty cool logo for the title there.