Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Real ideas can change things

Once again my precinct elected delegates exclusively for Ron Paul just as it did four years ago. 

Last time when I was sitting across a living room from conservative Republicans they told me how much Ron Paul scared them.  After all he was for ending wars, legalizing drugs, changing the monetary system, and then it was all followed up by the typical Ad-hominem attack of him being crazy or anti-semite or whatever.

This year I talked to even more conservative Republicans in our pooled caucus meeting of a few hundred Republicans and almost universally they said "I agree with almost everything he says...I just don't think he can win."

And of course he can't. Ron Paul's ideas are far too exotic for a country that is averse to risk.  It took over four years of listening to Ron Paul after he became a national figure for his ideas to simply not be "scary" to other Republicans.  It would take far longer before the nation would see them as mainstream.

But that day is coming.

He had to stand alone for 30 years to have the credibility to deliver a different message.  He had to be consistent to the point of being called crazy to earn the platform to talk about ideas that he believed in.  Unlike most politicians you actually believe that he believes what he's talking about.

I've have several friends who voted for Obama who read Ron Paul's books and articles far more than I do because they know that you can't just dismiss him as a kook.  There seems to be something there right or wrong. 

It's impressed upon me that true conviction and standing up for something is admirable.  I should've known this all along but now I have a real life example.

...for me...back to supporting Gary Johnson.


philnjill said...

Gary Johnson was my choice. Absolutely. But "compromise" and "moderate" are two words that are scary to the conservative wing this year more so than the past it seems.

Tracy said...

I think for the most part the "talk" is scarier than the actual candidate they like or don't like. What's funny to me is all the names they call Obama and then they nominate Romney which is like saying "Things are so bad but not so bad that they can't be fixed by 3% change"

Between Romney and Obama there is no substantive change with regard to probably the top 10 subjects I care about.

Gino said...

i think romney is most likley to back off on the pot dispensaries.