Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friend Showcase–Dave Johnson

I’ve been meaning to do a series where I talk about some friends of mine that have impacted my life in some way or have a specific talent I admire.  Dave has really none of these attributes, but I’ll go ahead and talk about him anyway.

Seriously though I’ve known Dave Johnson for about 10 years where we have worked together primarily in some role within the video game industry in the Pacific Northwest. 

Dave is a very funny guy who is creative.  I know you can describe some people as creative just because they’re clever sometimes, but Dave is actually a guy that always has to be creating something.  He defines creativity and is able to back it up with his talent.

In the 90’s Dave co-founded a website called Atomic Potato.  It was a great parody entertainment news site that was reasonably popular.  It had advertisers and was threatened with lawsuit.  If that doesn’t say “on the verge of making it big” I don’t know what does.

Dave drew a daily comic strip called Dog Complex which he took as an opportunity to learn how to do a professional strip.   Daily he made tweaks to style and presentation until the point came where Comic Industry insiders said he was “ready” and offered him money in exchange for his work.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the story but you can own over 400 strips in this wonderful collection.

Dave bugged me one day to begin Podcasting with him.  I did and we have been off and on for now about four years.  Our latest effort is the Dangly Bits Show.  We have some shows in the can and will be starting again soon after my life goes back to normal.

Dave is now perfecting his chops in animation.   

Dave shared Spotify with me.  I must give him full credit for it and even if you heard about it from me, you must know that your life is only better because of Dave. 

Aside from Dave being talented, he is a great father, a reliable and faithful friend and a first class dillhole.

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