Friday, March 11, 2011

Pepsi Throwback is here to stay!

I know you don’t care.

I know most people don’t care.

I enjoyed Pepsi so much as a child that just thinking about it in a glass with that sort of crunchy barrel shaped ice is enough to make me cry.  You laugh?  You laugh at me?  DO I LAUGH AT YOUR DREAMS?  I do, you’re right…but I’m a jerk.

I rarely drink a sugary pop that often anymore but when I do, I’m reaching for Pepsi Throwback until it’s discontinued again or some knucklehead in a boardroom changes the formula to something similar to the more conventional taste of fizzy ass tonic now occupying Pepsi bottles.

You go ahead and laugh at me,  see if I care.  For this has been the happiest I’ve been all day.


Jen Edwards said...

Bwahahahaha. I laugh at your dreams. (To be fair, I laugh at my dreams, too. I'm an equal-opportunity asshole.)

Gino said...

removing price supports for american made sugar can help bring pepsi throwback back to being just pepsi again.

Tracy said...

Gino you nailed it. Sugar has almost become the industrial hemp of sweeteners.

Gino said...

yeah, and we've lost lost of jobs in the candy and cookie indutries to mexico and canada because of it.

even hershey chocolate are made in mexico, and trucked across the border.

a nabisco plant in my town close a few yrs back, and relied on mexican supply to take its place.
(i knew a couple of its laid off workers.)

lynda said...

i prefer to have a coke. and a smile.