Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For some reason every job I've had the last 15 years has sent me to Wisconsin. I've been a few times and I'm going back this April.

The reason I'm going back is to attend a Financial Management conference scheduled months and months ago with regard to schools. It will be fun to hear about how they're handling things in that state given the protests in the Capitol building.

One thing that I find pretty interesting as I watch is the deliberate attempt to put a halt to business by breaking their quorum rules. Right now their state Senate assembly can only operate as a committee. Could you imagine if Federal lawmakers in Washington DC left the country to stop the healthcare bill?

Breaking a quorum to stop business is a normal parliamentary trick that is used but it's only real helpful when there are time limits set to certain types of business. The idea is that you can just wait out business based on rules that the assembly uses but in this case the legislation will wait and in fact since the remaining legislature exists as the only operating committee they are forfeiting all of the priorities of the assembly over this one issue. The democrats to fled the state are counting on protesters to bully the remaining assembly into changing their mind.

Overall this may be a good thing as the legislature can't "fix" all of their state's other problems. Maybe a shutdown of government will help people understand how little they need it most of the time.


Gino said...

i'm rooting against the unions, whatever it takes.

Tracy said...

I instinctively root against anyone that feels entitled...and I don't buy the standard line that teachers are worth their weight in gold.

Gino said...

it just like govt social service workers. because they have a degree, they think they are worth big money.

teachers are not worth that much when undertrained nuns consistently get better results for far less compensation.