Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Police worship

I wrote last year about how the actions of rogue cops would end up eventually killing good cops. It's not been a good time to revisit this topic as in the Puget Sound area we're growing tired of all-day televised police funerals. One is being held again today, this time in the Tacoma Dome and will be attended by thousands.

In this area people are worshipping the police as "heroes who keep us safe" even though the courts have repeatedly held that it is not the job of the police to keep any individual free of harm. So while we mourn, we also rightfully pour money in to help the family(ies) left behind, usually with small children, any criticm of police is well...sort of poorly played.

I wish there was similar public support behind the victims of local police like Christopher Harris.


Gino said...

you and both know there are asshole cops. i've even been a little too close on an occassion or two.

but why, whenever a cop gets snuffed, he was 'dedicated' a 'public servant' who 'really cared' and 'wanted to make a difference'.

when will an asshole cop catch a bullet? they seem to be bullet proof,eh?

Tracy said...

Well, that's a good question. When a cop gets killed and he has a family and he/she is humanized...it all goes out the window. There are no bad cops in that scenario...they're simply magically non-existent.

I wish no harm to any really...but I wish none to harm anyone either.

Gino said...

i hear ya, but just once i would like to hear "oh, yeah, he was prick. but he was our prick, so it ok".

Anonymous said...

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