Friday, November 13, 2009

You can take it to the bank huh?


Don said...

Which war? I guess it doesn't matter, though I believe we are in the process of removing ourselves as much as possible from Iraq. They say it's a two year process no matter how fast you'd like to leave. But Afghanistan...he's got to get us the hell out of there. I am completely befuddled as to which political faction he believes he is placating by staying there. The left wants out, the independents want out, I think, and it seems that the right is not exactly rallying around staying. I haven't heard "cut and run" in a while.
I hope he's not one of those guys that will not do something just because everyone else wants to, no matter how reasonable. That's the worst kind of punk rock.

Tracy said...

I did some research on this video and he was referring to Iraq specifically as in 2007 nobody even cared about Kerplackistan or whereever the other war was.

Even his draw down now has been on Bush's schedule that was agreed upon and he has replaced the redeployed troops with government contractors.

It could be just as simple as military advisors advocating for a chance to do the job right. Sometimes when you're given a project without the resources to do it correctly you just want to prove you can do it rather than question whether it was ever worth doing in the first place.

Contrarian punk rock is the worst...not worse than Danzig however.

Anonymous said...

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