Monday, November 02, 2009

So, I voted.

...and general it was a waste of time.

Oh I know...I fulfilled my civic duty...casting a vote for the two flavors of intervention that have been sanctioned as choices for me. I suppose I should be proud.

I'm not an interventionist though. I don't believe only those on the left or only those on the right have a monopoly on intervention. Whether it be over my behavior in my own home or in my wallet, both interventionist parties claim they know how much freedom I should have and how I should behave with what freedom they leave me.

I can't even vote for non-interventionists since my state has locked them out of the ballot. Non-interventionists don't believe in participating in publicly funded primaries and therefore don't appear on the primary ballot. Since they don't appear on the primary ballot they also don't appear on the general election ballot. Nice huh?

I don't even have the right to vote for someone who I'm told over and over has no chance to win...and even if I'm "wasting my vote" I'm not allowed to anymore. I can only cast a vote for someone who wants to intervene in my life.

So aside from the voter Initiative and Referendum that was on my ballot I cast a vote for write-in and left the line blank...since they won't count my write-in either.

Seriously...unless you actually file as a write-in candidate, any vote cast for someone who is not a registered write-in candidate will not be counted.

This must be all the freedom soldiers are dying for these days.

Instead I vote for a blank write-in so that my ballot isn't taken and filled in for me fraudulently since it would be under-voted for almost all of the races. So it turns out the only thing I have power over is to protect my ballot from fraud.

So yeah, I voted. Big deal. I tip my hat to those of you who didn't bother.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the hat-tip;-)

Vargo said...

Good job voting, I did too!

I hardly know anything about the candidates exception Susan Hutchison and Dow Constantine, and I didn't vote for anything I was painfully uninformed about.

But it was important for me not to allow a Discovery Institute board member to be elected (Susan) and also to prevent superstitious forces from taking away rights of homosexual couples. So, in that respect my vote carries justifiable weight.

Don said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...who said those soldiers were dying for our freedom? They're dying for our safety. sense of safety.

Tracy said...

I thought they were dying for our freedom...and the guy who takes away my fingernail clippers at the airport is fighting for my safety.

Thanks Don, I'm all confused now. :)

Gino said...

buncha nimrods up there.
do libertarians in WA refuse their social security checks,too?