Thursday, September 10, 2009

Veronica? Really?

I blame Archie's friends really. Reggie and Jughead have never become a trusted source of encouragement for Archie. He spends his life dragging these two bozos around and when he could really use some advice...where are they?

I'm not saying this can't last, but I'm worried where Archie will turn when it doesn't. Betty will likely pair up with someone else by the time it does...I could see it being Moose just to match the first awful pairing.

I predict a short engagement that gets broken off at the last minute and he can go back to just being friends with both.

I'd like to also add that President Obama probably was lying and if's a good thing. You cannot have a public option to pay for people without including illegal immigrants. Hospitals will DEMAND to get paid for services and will be enrolling people in the public option to ensure payment...whether or not they're citizens.

I'm not more against this than I am the public option in particular. If you're going to offer benefits to people who live here, it will just happen. They're using public schools and they'll use public health insurance as well. Nobody, including the President should have to pretend it won't or shouldn't happen.

Sorry I fooled you into thinking about healthcare again. Congrats Archie.


Warren said...

I'm confused, so you are saying Veronica was an illegal immigrant?

jexx said...

Do people still read Archie? Really? I mean, it's part of my job to put them out at checkstands, but I am usually switching out old ones for new, I don't actually *see* any Archie comics (or their spin-offs, yes, there are spin-offs!?!) being purchased.
Also: illegal immigrants are using our healthcare *right now*. Isn't that one of Lou Dobbs' pet peeves, that pregnant lady Mexicans are crossing the borders to have their babies in our emergency rooms so their children can be American citizens?
And who picks up that bill now? The American taxpayer, that's who. If we get Universal Healthcare passed, we'll actually save money in the long run, because people will stop coming to emergency rooms when the bleeding doesn't stop, and instead, be able to get preventative care instead.
If it covers illegal immigrants, too, that's fantastic, IMO, because illegal immigrants form the backbone of America's breadbasket in the restaurants and fields, and this mama gots to be FED!

jexx said...

My post was poorly worded. I had two "insteads" in that one sentence. My heated comment comes off stupid now. I have shamed my family.