Thursday, April 02, 2009

TSA Thuggery Background

Some have asked me what the big deal is here.  Why wouldn't the guy just tell the TSA what the money was for and what he had intended to do with it even though he was perfectly within his legal right to possess money and bring it on an airplane.

What was mentioned briefly in the video was this report which identifies supporters of Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty as potential domestic terrorists involved in the modern-day militia movement.  Ironically, the Campaign for Liberty held their regional conference in St. Louis, Missouri (the state from where the report came) which had over 1000 in attendance with many high profile speakers including Judge Andrew Napolitano. (former federal judge)


Don said...

I have to admit, my first impression of the video was "How deep into the broom closet of the Fox News Studios are they broadcasting from?" Holy smokes, Stossel used to be in full makeup for Dateline, now he's in some sort of half-lit bunker where you can hardly see anyone's face. And I thought "Democracy Now" was too Community Access....

But on a serious note, this is one of those situations where yeah, I'd hate to be stuck on an elevator with that kid, but I'm glad people like him exist. The TSA folks in that situation have clearly been trained to bend over backwards to make sure they do not actually do or say something that could lead to a court challenge.
And let's be frank, if they were that on the ball, they'd be the ones "down the hall" sitting in a police, FBI or DEA office, waiting for the flunkies at the gate to bring in another smart ass.

Tracy said...

The production quality of this show does sort of give me that feeling I used to get when wastching Lyndon LaRouche videos on Public Access but to be's an on-line show only so it's practically radio.

I'm glad people like him exist also...he was clearly profiled because he had some cash and papers/brochures that they were told to be suspicious of. Nobody was safer at the end of the day.

I've seen the fellah that used to be in charge of security for El Al and his impression was that true security was too serious to be playing games with "security theater" like they do in the United States.