Monday, December 01, 2008

Writing Holiday

My holiday weekend was spent writing, playing guitar and shampooing carpets. Except for the carpets it was like I was 20 years old again with nothing better to do. For the most part I really loved it.

I've been reading Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter. The former president talks about his boyhood Christmas memories in what turns out to be a pretty light-hearted way. Once you get past the slightly self-righteous first few pages about his lifelong view on race relations, it's a pretty enjoyable book. Not that it is much to brag about copy is signed. So there.

I've had a few emails from people telling me that my post election coverage has been lackluster. I would go so far to say that it has been less than lackluster and more like...non-existent. I'll kick it up again but aren't we really all just sick of presidential politics for awhile?

I have a friend that says I speak in riddles. She's right about that.

I've been watching SpeedRacer quite a bit lately. Not the dumb movie that came out but the original cartoon that I loved so much from first grade. It's mindless enough that it is almost unwatchable as an adult though it has some entertaining spots due to age and non-PC Japanese origins. A line I heard yesterday was Speed telling Trixie, "This is no time to act like a girl, Trixie." For the most part Speed doesn't give her the time of day but doesn't mind having her by his side.

More email came in requesting another Podmess and I've delayed doing one because my own podcasts sound like a horrible NPR show. I'm playing with a format in my head to lighten it up some. I'm working on it...and I'm thankful a few of you have actually requested it...I always thought they sort of sucked. You can still hear me on the Dave and Steve Show but I don't talk nearly as much and it's geared for 8th grade be warned.

That's about it for now. I should probably give you something to fight about in the comments I'll start it off with this:

I am the most awesome person in the world. Dare to disagree.


lynda said...

you're pretty awesome, however, you would be more awesome with a christmas tree up this week. i bet the kid would like it, i know i would! ;)

Gino said...

you just wear the awesomest knit cap is all.
without it, you're nothing.

Esther said...

You're awesome, but I'm awesomer. I make up words regularly. That's what Shakespeare did and he was way awesome.

I am glad you are not covering politics much. I had enough with the two year long election process. Time for a sabbatical.

chenchy said...

I would agree with the awesome thing. Most especially because I only pay attention to and acknowledge awesome people.

Anonymous said...

I think Esther is Awesome because she thinks Shakespeare is awesome. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me. And you're not awesome at all. Except in the eyes of that kid.