Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hey Chrysler...ya got a lot of nerve

You couldn't get my money the fair and honest way could you?  Did you ever really try to make an automobile I would want?  Did you make an affordable and reliable automobile in recent memory?  How about a warranty so I would be willing to take a chance on your dodgy fit and finish?

But you got my money anyway didn't you?  You got it not because I bought your products but BECAUSE I DIDN'T!  Like the bandits you are you used the government as the agent of force to do your bidding...and what did you do with the first fruits of your theft? 

You take out ads across the nation in newspapers and Internet sites to thank me for what you call my "investment." 

Is this some kind of sick joke?  You take money from me against my will and then thank me for it like some kind of villain only found in comic books.

You are not welcome Chrysler and don't think for a minute I will forget this. 


Esther said...

This year I lost my money for going back to school to the government (and large, unprofitable corporations). Now I have to work my way through college again.

I just don't get it. The market does not reward insolvent companies. Why are we doing this? Why help the companies that could not compete? They should either change the way they do business or go down the tubes. Giving them money for doing nothing is just going to make another bigger mess sooner or later.

Tracy said...

I still think the worst part is yet to come on this auto bailout. To ensure a return on this "investment" there will likely need to be policies put in to protect the US auto industry against better organized competition thus making it harder to buy the cars we really want.

In the end they will have taken our money twice...we will have loaned them money to build cars we don't want and then we'll be forced through punishing taxation to buy their awful cars to ensure the chance of being paid back...

...but I'm sure they'll thank us again.