Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm back

Non medicated free association post...get ready.

The Russians are attacking Georgia and it's about time. Aside from Atlanta and the beautiful coastline around Savannah the state isn't one of my favorites. I hope they don't destroy Stone Mountain.

Thanks for your emails and kind messages from last week. You're all very thoughtful.

You can't bet on baseball if you're a baseball player. It's a rule that goes back to the early days of the game. If you bet on baseball you're out of the game. This way no one can ever hold anything against a player and cause them to ruin the integrity of the game...thus making fans not trust the outcome. The same should be true for politicians. Both Edwards and Stevens should make quick exits from public life. Sooner not later.

I'm still for open borders.

I sent John McCain's campaign some pizza coupons last week. They sent me a reply-by-mail envelope wanting some donations. Instead I gave them some pizza coupons that came in the junk mail. I hope this helps if they get hungry sitting around thinking of ways to convince people to vote for a man who isn't fit to lead. On the back of the envelope I wrote, "Bob Barr 2008".

I was asked about my position on the 2nd Amendment by someone presenting the tired question of whether people should be allowed to have machine guns or cannons. My answer is always the same since the mental midgets that ask always think they have me trapped somehow. Yes, people should be able to possess cannons if they wish. Reading about Henry Knox who was a mere book seller that brought many cannons into his possession as not a professional soldier but as a citizen fighting against his government's regular soldiers. I'm thinking if Mr. Knox had been limited to the modern thinking of the 2nd Amendment he would only have possessed a hunting rifle with a trigger lock. Oh the mysterious wonder of a living constitution.

I just voted in my state's primary election. Current state laws assure the extinction of Libertarians on ballots so my duty as a voter went by quickly. Aside from voting no on all proposed local taxes and voting for a (small L) libertarian family member running as a PCO...I left the ballot mostly blank.

Bernie Mac died and that is really sad. I loved his TV show because it was essentially about the challenges of a man that took parenting seriously. I've read that the show was based on his real life as he took care of three kids that belonged to his sister who was recovering from drug problems He had ups and downs in the show but in the end you had a sense that his life's mission was to raise those kids with love and firm instruction.

What have you all been up to the last two weeks?

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