Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Best DNC Speech So Far

I will just say that I was rather surprised by this. He's a nut but he gave the crowd of whacko collectivists something to shout about and he was about 80% correct in the process. Nice job Dennis.


robert the grump said...

Tracy, you underestimate him. Kucinich was 97.24% right.

Ever since he was anal probed by aliens, Dennis has been smarter than ever.

Is it me, or did Kucinich sound exactly like Jesse Jackson in style and rhythm? The pauses, the cadence, the shouting...

Has anyone seen Jesse and Dennis in the same room?

tully said...

To quote Kucinich, "Wake up!"

To quote myself at 7 o'clock this morning "Okay, I'm awake- now leave me alone!"

I wonder, is he... taking rhetoric lessons... from William Shatner, or... are his... speaking notecards... just... too small to speak fluidly in...complete sentences.

At least he's...using hand gestures...effectively like...Mussolini with an itch.

Don said...

Wow, it is postTastic over here ever since the conventions got going. I came in on this one in progress, on the radio, not knowing who it was, and thought it was awful, delivery-wise at first, but by the end I was really impressed. When they said it was Dennis K., I thought "Oh, so THATs how he got that hot wife."