Sunday, June 01, 2008

More from Spokane

Yesterday the McCain campaign organized a walkout of the convention when they began losing on parliamentary procedures on the floor. Toward the end of the convention they no longer had any functional majority or coalition so they walked out. This was also organized by many GOP leaders as my own county chairperson was involved as she was heard clearly telling people in the row in front of me to get people to walk out. We began recording the events on video and a sergeant of arms tried to stop us saying it was against the rules. We quickly got a ruling from the chair that there was no such rule and I informed the man he would be on YouTube. The McCain campaign and delegates didn't leave the convention facility mind you...just the room. They wanted to end the convention by breaking the quorum.

We had a count of the remaining delegates that included the organized Ron Paul campaign that stayed and the meeting was allowed to continue as a quorum was achieved. Once this was ruled the McCain campaign began spilling back into the convention room. While they were scrambling to their seats we quickly passed an anti-war resolution. TAKE THAT ASSHOLES!

The Washington State delegation will have about 4 delegates and 11 alternates to the national convention. Again, TAKE THAT ASSHOLES.

More stuff later including pictures and junk. I went to Silverwood Amusement Park today in Northern Idaho and rode rollercoasters all day. I'm fully amused.

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robert the grump said...

This is the funniest shit you've ever written. I only wish that John McCain himself were there, so he'd flip out and end up on Youtube delivering a solid beating to a Ron Paul activist.

This is a serious blow to the smug, arrogant jerks that run the Republican Party these days. They all pattern themselves after Tom DeLay, the biggest asshole to ever serve in Congress.

The state of Washington is anti-Iraq war by a significant majority, so the Party should represent that viewpoint. And now it does, thanks to the supporters of Ron Paul! Carry on, good work.