Monday, June 23, 2008

John McCain - You're a twit

John McCain thinks that someone should get rich if they invent a car battery that lasts for a long time without a charge.  Like they wouldn't get rich already?  Anyway the Senator from Arizona thinks that about $300 million dollars should be enough to work as an incentive.  Isn't that generous?  It's amazing how politicians can be so generous when it ISN'T THEIR MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING.  If the economy is the #1 issue going into the general election then we're pretty screwed when it comes to our current choice of candidates.

George Carlin died.  This video is an example of what I believe to be commonly true.  That comedians understand our culture and society better than anyone.  (Contains explicit language)

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ronald said...

I was never a fan of Carlin though I did enjoy him doing voices on Thomas the Tank Engine.