Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What I hate about Christmas

(Don't forget to read what I love about Christmas in a post below)

I hate trying to get a parking spot at the mall.

I hate it when Christians insist that Christmas be about the birth of Christ and nothing else. I'm a Christian. I have a credible academic background in both history and theology. Christmas is both secular and uniquely Orthodox (read - Catholic) in nature but making it solely about Christ is foolish. I'm still not certain why Evangelicals are all onboard with the Christ Mass holiday. Seems like something they'd more likely just shy away from like the Advent. That said, I'm grateful for the birth of Christ everyday.

I hate having to deal with my family on Christmas. I'd love to be able to just rent a family for the holidays. Pay a one time fee and they show up and have a great time and give lots of cool gifts and then go away.

I hate the time my grandma had to go to the hospital on Christmas day when I was seven years old. The whole days stopped and my mom let me open one present while everyone was gone. I opened it up and it was a cool game that required a ball that was conveniently missing. ARGH!

I hate having to get gifts for family members that show up on Christmas but never call or even send thank you notes for stuff during the year. Not that a gift from me requires anything in return but how would I know what they'd want anyway? I feel like getting them a $50 gift certificate to the Crap Store.

I hate being told "If you don't like it you can return it" right after I open a gift. I feel like such an ass as everyone sits around and wonders "does he like it?" I just want to say thank you and be grateful that someone else thought of me.

I hate Miracle on 34th Street and I hate It's a Wonderful Life. Blargh.

I hate the claymation Christmas specials. I liked them as a kid but sheesh, do they suck or what?

I hate tinsel.

Sugar cookies = crap.


Esther said...

I agree with you on most of those. But one of them disappoints me a lot. How could you hate "It's a Wonderful Life"?

I'm such a sentimental freak. I've watched that movie every year since I was like five years old and I still cry every time I watch it. Such a good movie . . .

Tracy said...

I'd like to see a decent remake of the movie. I guess Jimmy Stewart has worn thin with me over the years.

I think it's funny that at the end the little girl says, "Daddy, teacher says that when a bell rings and angel gets his wings!" The ACLU would fire that teacher for proclaiming belief in angels and possibly establishing a religion on behalf of the government runned school. Maybe that could be in the remake ;)

berburbaby said...

The Mall. Period.

Toy, Toy Stores when you are working in them during Christmas. That $100 bonus that one year almost made the crap I had to put up with worth it. Oh, that and the 30% store discount. I don't think they have that anymore.

Trying to find gifts for people you kinda have an obligation to give, but don't have a freakin' clue about what they would even you basically end up with crap.

Trying to help my husband select gifts for me when he thinks everything I like is either lame, ugly, or I won't use it...and then trying not to be disappointed when he buys me crap ;) (Oh, and trying to prove him wrong by getting some use out of the gift)

PlatinumGirl said...

I hate that the whole Christmas season has become one big to-do list: send out cards, buy and wrap gifts, attend this "holiday" lunch and that "holiday" party and go to this family member's house and that family member's house. I especially hate that Christmas has apparently become a four-letter word!