Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The New Poverty

Well, it was state assistance day at Fred Meyer again.

When I see pictures of people who live in poor countries, I always see the same thing:

Skinny people exposed to the elements.

When I see the alleged poor in this country I see people who are overweight and are wearing clothes that are out of fashion. Can we use that measuring stick and just say the war on poverty has been won and plan an exit strategy for our army of social programs?

I mean seriously...the president should just announce that we now have so many poor people properly clothed and completely overweight that there is no choice but to cut back on our social programs.

I'm willing to start them back up when you can show me some ribs...and I don't mean babyback ribs with barbecue sauce.



Robert the Grump said...

Once again you show your Libertarian lack of empathy. You dismiss the poor the same way Tom Delay dismissed the laws of Texas when he gerrymandered the state.

Maybe that woman wearing last year's coat used to do okay, before her husband beat her into the hospital and she had to split with her three kids in the middle of the night with no help beyond the Women's shelter.

Maybe that guy with the beer belly actually has a nutritional problem, since he got laid off from his high tech job two years ago and still hasn't found a job that pays a living wage. Thank God for the 2 million jobs at WalMart and McDonald's that Bush has created!

There's plenty of real poor people in this country that really need social programs to survive. But you Libertarian nutbags like to think that if you were in the same position, you'd hunt for food and survive by your wits. Well, when it comes to wits, you're half-way there.

Just remember, he who pulls himself up by his own bootstraps exposes his rear-end to a serious pounding.

Tracy said...

Real poor people do have eating disorders. It's called starvation.

As for the beaten woman, I have empathy believe me...I'll buy her 6 bags of Ruffles myself. And I'd bet your hypothetical 'shelter' was run by atheists somewhere.

Don't go lumpin' me in with Delay. He'd give her the handout and then make her feel bad for taking it.

And the beer belly guy...you and I both know he had the eating disorder before he worked at Sierra...I mean the high tech industry.

Nice try Grump ;)