Thursday, May 19, 2005

Clone Ron Paul

Congress needs about 300 more Ron Paul's to be elected. This is why cloning Ron Paul must start immediately.

Who is Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is a congressman for the 14th District of Texas.

Can a man with two first names really be trusted?

Before Ron Paul I would have answered emphatically, "NO!"

Can a man from Texas be trusted?

After Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush one could rightfully argue that people from Texas should not be allowed to run for office ever again. I'd allow an exception for Ron Paul.

What makes Ron Paul so great?

Ron is the only libertarian in the U.S. Congress and he is intelligent and outspoken. He is also simultaneously loved and hated by both Democrats and Republicans, which makes him a perfect candidate for cloning.

Ron Paul Fun Fact:

Ron Paul ran for president in 1988 and earned about a half-million votes. And while this was going on my state voted for Michael Dukakis. (though I can't find a single person around here that admits voting for how everyone you meet who lived in Germany during World War II just delivered the mail)

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