Thursday, March 10, 2005

Run to the border!!!

For those "blue staters" out there that worship Canada as an example of the kind of country you'd like to live in, you should see how that country pollutes water in my state. Your model for peace and eco-topian living not only dumps harmful heavy metals into the lakes of my state, but also dumps raw sewage into our waterways.

The city of Victoria, British Columbia (the capital city of BC) still discharges all of its raw sewage and though the United States has pleaded with them to stop, their crap still washes up on the shores of the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington.

The Associate Press reports:
SPOKANE, Wash. - Most of the lead, cadmium and other heavy metals pollution sampled from Lake Roosevelt, the reservoir behind the Grand Coulee Dam, came from a smelter in Trail, British Columbia, according to a new report from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Will any of these things be cleaned up in any hurry? Not as long as no one in Canada has an incentive to do so. Not as long as it gets harder and harder to make any money in Canada. Surely their wonderful, progressive, peaceful, tolerant and loving government will solve the problem soon, right?

Do you realize we have huge companies in the United States that make lots of money coming up with unique ways to clean up environmental problems? I hate to inform you further that one of these companies is Halliburton.

So why you blue-staters still know everything, please head to Canada and help them stop dumping their crap into our waters. Do something useful at least.


Robert the Grump said...

When did you become a neocon? Have you been talking to Dubya about this? You know, the guy that puts the former governor of New Jersey who was famous for favoring business over environment into the job of Secretary of the Interior? The same guy who put the CEO of a paper mill in charge of clean air. Isn't that like putting Michael Jackson in charge of a day care?

Yes, we know our poor cousins up north have some serious issues, like pissing in their own pool. But that's not why blue staters want to move there. It's strictly to get away from the bible-beaters who now dominate the red states.

I'm a proud blue stater myself, but I refuse to give up the good fight and move north. Even though it means I could poop into the drinking water of some deserving red state.

But don't cast your business-first stones at Canada. We are as bad or worse at being stewards of mother nature. We are the ones who refused to sign the Kyoto protocols because it would cost business too much, not Canada. We're the ones who use NAFTA to move filthy, chemical dumping manufacturing businesses to Mexico. We're the ones who are stuck with a President who is bound and determined to drill the pristine wilderness of Alaska into a contaminated gravel pit that resembles Butte, Montana.

And to defend our back bacon eating, Molson swilling brothers even further, I'll have you know that Canadian beer is superior to American beer. And they get free health care. And, uh...their money is more colorful, though worthless!

Tracy said...

oh yes, the governor of New Carville said,

"...the only politician with a true man date."