Monday, May 13, 2013

My seven year old future arms dealer

While shopping for a Mother's Day gift with my two young boys we found ourselves in the parking lot of a store with the younger son temporarily shutdown and fast asleep in his seat.  I decided that we'd wait awhile in the car to avoid hauling around a squirmy armload of snoring.

This is when my seven year unveiled his idea for a business venture.

Son:  Dad, I want to start a company that makes laser guns.

Me:  Who would you sell laser guns to?

Son:  I'd sell them to anyone who wants one.

Then he thought a minute.

Son:  What are those papers we had to show the people at the border?

Me:  You mean our passports?

Son: Yeah, I'll have to check their passports to make sure they didn't escape from jail or something.

Me:  You mean you'll do background checks on your customers?

Son:  Yeah

Me:  What if they turn out to be a bad guy?

Son:  I'll just lie about the price and charge them more.

Send in those Father of the Year nominations now.  


Anonymous said...

sounds like you'll need to train him on accounting tohide all his profits.

Douglas said...

It looks as he will be successful businessman