Monday, January 31, 2011

Well hey there!

I was never really gone, just lost my way.

I've changed up a lot of things on the home front and am trying to get used to some transitions.

1. I've been out of the Microsoft environment now for quite awhile and have been using Ubuntu more at home. I've just now replaced about everything I was doing in the Windows world. My motivations are really more economical than they are some sort of binary revolution. This is the first distribution of Linux I've used that doesn't make me say "how I'll go back to Windows and get some work done." Like always it's free and if you make a boot up disc you can just try it out on the disc without installing it on your system. It may interest you though it's probably not for everyone in the PC world.

2. Having 2 kids is more work than I thought. Let me put it a different way. Being better than my own parents has turned out more difficult...mailing it in as a parent is rather easy. I'm doing my best not to do so.

3. Politics has been rather boring lately. Same old story. Welfare/warfare rolls on...but I'm watching the newly elected federal officials and have found a couple of things to be pretty exciting. Al Franken and Rand Paul have been talking and getting along swimmingly and Ralph Nader and Ron Paul have talked about the need for a Progressive/Libertarian coalition. This could really help carve out a debate about the role of government should be in this country.

4. A federal judge amazingly ruled that not engaging in commerce is well...not commerce. Imagine that!

5. We've put the Dave and Steve Show on hiatus while we're working on other projects (Dave is working on being fancy animator, Steve is opening a hot dog stand, and my Business Analyst job rolls on while I'm pounding out a new writing project that I'll share later.

Anyway, I missed you. You know who you are.


lynda said...

welcome back, i missed you!

Gino said...

i was thinkin of sendin a party out lookin for ya...

two kids? congratulations on the second one that you've kept hidden til now.

Sunny Day said...

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