Thursday, September 09, 2010

Provoking Muslims to Violence

President Obama stated correctly that as a practical matter, and as Commander-in-Chief the nobody Florida pastor who shepherds a giant flock of 55 people will likely put our troops in harms way if he continues with his stunt to burn the Muslim Holy Book.

Now never mind that they may already be incited to violence because of other things like:

  • US Troops on the Arabian Peninsula
  • Unmanned predator drones flying over Muslim countries
  • Propping up unelected dictators of Muslim countries
  • Secret international prisons
  • Provoking Iran continually

But no, Mr. Obama actually magnifies a situation that would probably be ignored by the entire world.  As distasteful as burning things in protest is, it is a protected right.  After all, only distasteful acts require protecting.  But what right does this president or the last one have to engage in the list above on behalf of the American people?

You’re right Mr. Obama.  The actions of this stupid pastor in Florida will spark unnecessary international violence…but probably not as much violence as you spark in a single day. 

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Gino said...

anybody seen tracy?

i sure hope he's ok.