Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stop inviting me to your Tea Party

I’ve always believed that if you say no often enough to party invitations, then people will eventually stop inviting you. I’m not a person who likes parties and the Tea Party is no exception. Yet people still invite me.

I’m not coming to your Tea Party. Why you ask?

  1. You’re intellectually dishonest about taxation and spending
  2. You’re not sufficiently anti-war
  3. You’re not serious about deficits
  4. You’re mostly just Republicans
  5. Some of you are disenchanted lefties with no friends

Like the guy who was the fan of the unsigned band that suddenly became popular, I was against spending before being a deficit hawk was popular. I was for civil liberties way before anyone was mad that they’d be forced to purchase medical insurance. I don’t own freedom’s greatest hits album…I have the original on 8-track and still listen to it from time-to-time. You guys are posers.

So please…stop inviting me to your party. I’m not coming.


Gino said...

short of amusemnt, i've taken zero interest i the tea party thing.

i really dont know why, but your list helps.

Robert the Grump said...

LOL. Tracy says he won't come to the Tea Party because he had the same nutbag fringe political opinions years ago and doesn't appreciate amateurs screwing with his "The End is Near" sign.

Tracy said...


Plus I'm odd enough to believe everyone should have freedom, not just people who agree with me.

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