Friday, April 02, 2010

Governor Gregoire = Less sucky

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire recently signed a bill yesterday which opens the way for a broader spectrum of healthcare professionals to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. This is a hugely welcome sign of freedom that is truly compassionate on the most vulnerable and sick in our world. I commend her for it.

It is curious that she has railed against recent claims about "State's Rights" while she quietly enacted this law. This is also not being characterized as an act of defiance against the Federal Government and I wonder why. How can she legally sign a bill to open access to a controlled substance the Federal Government strictly prohibits? Is this any less of a 10th Amendment principled stand than say...our Attorney General joining the lawsuit against the Federal Government over the recent health care reform?

This is the type of bi-partisanship I love to see. Each side staking out their case to defend the liberties of the citizens of my state. I hope they're both successful.

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