Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hiatus is over!

Sorry about the delay in posts. I've had a bunch of stuff to say and very little time to say it in. Was working 7 days a week for the last two weeks...but I'm back now....so let's get started.

Rant #1 - Hey look you dumbass Paleo-Conservative/libertarian nutjobs who believe in every big conspiracy brewing out there...how can I talk to people about anything freedom-related if all they know about is you? To get someone's ear on something I have to first explain that I don't believe in your dumb conspiracies, that I'm not a gun nut ready to move to my fortress compound in Montana and that I believe that 9/11 was pretty much just a small group of guys with box cutters who had a lot of patience and planning. Maybe you could all just shut up for awhile and let the grown-ups talk for a bit?

Rant #2 - Pepsi Throwback? In plastic bottles? Are you kidding me? I'm going to try it still and I promise to bore you with the details.

Rant #3 - Hey guess what? I don't consent to be searched. You want to see what I'm carrying then go convince a judge you jerk-wads. The 4th Amendment is the most ignored right and the least protected.

Rant #4 - Secession. I do believe it is the inherant right of any free state to break off and do what it wants...if its citizens choose to do so. It would be nice if these states would start by cutting off the flow of federal money to their states to really drive home their points. It's one thing to want to be indpendent, but can they try it without going after my money first?

Rant #5 - I listen to the news talk about our debt and they're concerned about the amount of money we're borrowing to pay for the spending of the Obama administration. They still don't get it. They should be worrying about the spending on the money we CAN'T borrow. This latest spending spree has the fewest amount of treasury bills supporting it than any other spending package in US history. This is a much larger danger to our country and our money.

Rant #6 - You anti-war people who voted for Obama were used...and I told you so. The war in Iraq continues...and if it escalates we will delay our plans to dwindle down troop presence there. Afghanistan continues and will be escalated under the leadership of your savior. Congratulations voting for a man that throws good money after bad while sending your sons and daughters off to war. Morons.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell have you been and what have you been working on?

Mr. Evil said...

The best rant by far is #6. Obama ran his whole campaign for months on getting out of Iraq. Since he has taken office he has done nothing. His main plan seems to be increasing our troops in Afghanistan. We will have troops and bases in Iraq until the day everyone of us is dead. There are no more Democrats or Republicans any more. They are piece of shit #1 and piece of shit #2. Looks like the biggest piece of shit of them all managed to get elected.

By the way, the new Pepsi logo is really awesome!

Rant #4, please get Eastern Washington to break off and form there own country. Everything east of Snoqualmie Pass is completely worthless.

Gino said...

i wish those movements of secession would actually amount to little more than talk from the tin foil hat crowd.

btw: i fully upport the state of jefferson. i just wish they'd get on with it. 60yrs of talk is enough, dont you think?

Tracy said...

Jefferson would be my destination of choice for vacations and such...I'd consider moving there because I like the warm weather too. It would also result in less Oregon...which is a good thing.

Gino said...

i would move there for the cooler weather.
matter of perspective,huh?

Tracy said...

That's a good point Gino...I'll bring an extra sweater for you.