Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hey Lookit!

I am updating my list of blogs I read to include those of ordinary sane people who entertain me with their writing and pictures.  The summary descriptions are my own and are meant to entice you to read...not necessarily be accurate.

Shreds (Gino's Newest) - Gino is an angry Catholic Paleo-Conservative who is well-informed and blunt.  He makes me laugh and made me cry a couple of times in the last year also.  Gino makes me glad Al Gore invented the Internet.

Mad Mad Esther - (Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't?) Esther is smart...she'll blog about anything and will go way beyond politics.  She drives well in the snow...just ask her.

Justin Berger - Producer for the Dave and Steve show and brainchild behind HKL Films.  He is a thoughtful anarchist and friend.

Don Wood - Don is a carpenter, actor, dog owner, and beer drinker.  Also can be found doing The Doncast (Search for it on the iTunes store)

Lew Rockwell - Lew is President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.  This blog has several contributors that range from Libertarians to Anarcho-Capitalists. - Watch this!  Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie...good stuff!

Cato Institute - Beltway's okay.

Libertarian Party - The RC Cola of politics!  Refreshing and fizzy but you can't find it anywhere.


Gino said...


you're too kind. :)

Esther said...

I almost like your title for my blog better than the one I came up with. :oD Thanks. Yes, I do drive well in the snow.