Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Vacation Junk

California isn't one of my favorite places but you can never argue that there isn't much to do there.  I've done business in California, written songs, visited tourist traps, attended seminars, ridden rollercoasters, attended Rose Bowl games, and whatever else you can imagine. 

Two weeks ago I visited once again The Trees of Mystery which used to be among the cheesiest roadside attractions on the old US 101.  It was good for a t-shirt and a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe but little else.   That can't be said anymore with the addition of the Sky Trail.

Above is me (on the right) and on the left is my 2 1/2 year old son who absolutely loved this seven minute gondola ride up to a ridge among the redwoods.

Heights have historically made me uneasy though lately not to the point of freaking out.  That said I didn't escape all the discomfort that comes from riding on a gondola precariously attached to a cable and being pulled up a mountainside.  I hid my misgivings as not to pass on any fear to my son...he loved every minute of it.

Go see the coastal redwoods in California if you get a chance.  As someone who has grown up in the Evergreen State and is quite accustomed to trees...I still came away impressed.

I had a few emails from people who listened to me on the Dave and Steve show mention that I had a child and were wondering why I had never mentioned it here on this blog.  The short answer to this question is that as a completely private person I wanted to refer to my family generically as they didn't really have a way to defend themselves on my blog.  This is a break from that policy and one I've relaxed in general.

I'll have more later and as soon as I can stomach it I'll cover some politics and junk.


Gino said...

congratulations. its a boy!

the redwoods rock the west coast.
been there three times, and was headin back to visit them again, along with OR, last spring (til i had to abort the trip just south of the bay area.)

Tracy said...

I have been to the coast to see the redwoods twice in the last couple of years and it was raining both times. Looks like you got there on a good day.

Gino said...

what amazes me about the redwood forest:
it could be 85 degrees outside.
but among the redwoods, its about 60. you dont realize how warm it really is until you emerge again into the world.

it really is a favorite place for me.
i even made a date out it with a gal i had just met, bout 10yrs ago.
(you never seen them? get in the car,babe. we'll be back in three days)