Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Associated Press is Dumb.

Found this story yesterday and couldn't believe it. Tried to show it to a friend and they said the story was gone. I still had it on my screen so I took a screenshot of it.

Click on the photo to see the larger image.

The text briefly tells the story of an Iraqi woman who claims two bullets hit her house following a raid by coalition forces. The elderly woman is clearly not a terrorist so the subtext is the injustice of the military exercise. The story attempts to take a cheapshot at the military by showing an elderly Iraqi woman who has been victimized by our troops as our uncaring soldiers recklessly perform raids in and unjust and illegal war.

Now I'm against the war as much as anyone but this story is over-the-top. They at least had the decency to pull the story immediately but I caught them anyway. Notice that the bullets being held by the woman in the photo have never been fired from a gun. So how did they hit her house? Did a coalition soldier throw them at her house? Maybe he was just throwing her some ammunition so she could defend herself.

This story tells me a few things about the Associated Press:

The Associated Press does not check their stories for accuracy. (duh)

No one at the Associated Press has ever owned a gun.

The Associated Press is Dumb.


robert the grump said...

Are my eyes going, or is that Colin Powell in a burkha?

Gino said...

i cant believe it.
Bush is sending soldiers into battle with guns that misfire and eject the bullets without firing!

first it's paper mache' humvees without armor, and now THIS?

we need a congressional inquiry. a senate investigation.
i'm gonna call my senator, Boxer, so she can get right on it.

Esther said...

I was staring at the bullets for like 5 minutes thinking, "But they've never been shot?" Then I realized that's what you were getting at. I've never even fired a rifle and I know what bullets should look like before and after they've been shot.

Sharonus said...

That photographer's last position must have been at Sears Portrait Studio to not have noticed those bullets were never fired.

Tracy said...

Sorry Esther, you'll never get those 5 minutes back.