Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funny Expressions

An expression that has made my mind wander in thought lately is one I often use to describe someone venturing into something new where the consequences and troubles are not yet known.

"It's the pioneers that take the arrows."

The funny part about this statement is that while the pioneers take the arrows, it's those that come after the pioneers who no longer have to take the arrows because apparently the arrow slinging folk either are out of arrows or are all dead...or have since opened casinos.

Maybe "trailblazing" is a better term.


robert the grump said...

Your personal Congressman, Jay Inslee is a pioneer. I know that you resent him as another tax and spend Democrat, but he's the one Congressman who had the brass to start impeachment proceedings on Alberto (Mother of all Liars) Gonsales.

And for that he will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Republicans. Even the ones who secretly want Gonsales to go away.

Now show our boy some love. He will bring truthiness to the cabinet.

Tracy said...

Yeah, that's bold. Impeaching a guy who has been obviously the lyingest liar in Washington DC. What next? Will he come out against pollution and FOR clean water?

There are no more pioneers in DC unless their name is Dr. Paul.

Gino said...

can you honestly call dr paul a pioneer?
where he wants to go, we've already been.

Tracy said...

No, I cannot honestly say that. But my blog isn't about honesty sometimes...no seriously.

Sometimes when you let the jungle overgrow and you're heading back to tame the land...it's like being a pioneer all over again.

Anonymous said...

Why are you wanting to protect Gonzalex? you are served well by your congressman if he is leading the way to impeach him. he's liar.

Tracy said...

Fine! Fine!

Jay Inslee is the best congressman in the whole world. I'd apologize to him personally except he'd probably leave our meeting to go chit chat with Boeing lobbyists...again.

robert the grump said...

For those who do not know the history here, Tracy went to Washington DC and tried to have a sit-down with Inslee. Inslee ducked him.

Tracy hold grudges about that kind of thing, but just look at him. Unabomber, anyone?

It just proves how smart Inslee is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grump. You are obviously an unstable person who shouldn't be in the presence of such a brilliant congressman. The lobbyists were probably plain clothed capitol police waiting for you to make your next psycho move!

Ronald said...

Anon, you should be careful when talking about psycho moves...sometimes I think we'll be reading about you shooting up your community college campus. HA HA

Alex said...

How did a post about an odd expression turn into a tracy bashing session!?!?

Dang, I forgot my login