Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Important Reminder for Ron Paul Supporters

I've received a few emails that have demonstrated some of the confusion related to Paul's candidacy. I saw an announcement on Ron Paul's website that echo this. I'll try to add some clarity.

If you wish to support Ron Paul in his campaign for president then YOU MUST DO THIS WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. I know many of you Libertarians are not used to primaries but you must understand that Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination. This means you must support him now.

This may mean for some of you that you will need to vote in the Republican primary or (Like Me) attend a Republican caucus. This may mean finding out who the GOP presinct committee person is in your area and find out when or where your primary or caucus is. I know for myself attending a Republican caucus will not exactly be fun but I'm holding my nose and supporting the only candidate that supports liberty. So go be a lower-case L libertarian for an evening at your polling place or in the meeting place of your local caucus.

Ron has raised a great deal of money and has spoken in front of groups of hundreds at different campaign events in New Hampshire, Arizona and Iowa.

Personally I'm throwing my full support behind Ron Paul because he is far better than the current slate of candidates that are running on the LP ticket. My participation in the whole presidential contest will end when Ron Paul's candidacy ends. After that I'll probably write myself in.


Gino said...

you saying i need to register GOP again?
i dont know...
its been 10yrs, dont think i could do it.

Tracy said...

I'm with you. It's been over a decade for me.